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I Like to Hit Things

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Last Update: Blarg! I just uploaded it and I played it back only to hear that one section had stuffed up volume levels, so I fixed that, tweaked a couple of things, and NOW it's absolutely final.

Update again: I think the composition aspect of this is absolutely final now, a little bit of extra dynamics, but it's only barely noticeable. Anyway, this is the final, the one for judging for the MAC8-Pillars of Pico, Dad 'n Me section. Enjoi!!!

While I'm at it I might as well do a bit of a story to it.
The song starts out with the father and son, going about their normal day, walking through the park, hitting anyone that gets in their way. What fun! Then the time change is their picnic spot, and there happens to be some kids in that spot. So they pick out their targets, and bash them one by one, a little slower, and more laborous task, but they've got their perfects spot now. But it's still mid-morning, lets go kiddie hunting. So the fast part is them running through the park swinging their fists all over the place, hitting lots of things. But oh-noes! There's another bully in the area, and him and his dad want to fight us! So dad 'n me wrestle with the other big guys, and manage to pin them to the ground until they call defeat, and they sit on the bench watching their defeated foes run away, distressed. That's the minor part, and the brief major part after it. Then they spend the afternoon tripping up the occasional kid, but they're getting a little tired. Dad says to me, we should probably go home soon, your mom will be waiting for us, so they make the most of the end of the day, a last ditch of beating up some more children, and they make their way towards home, as the sun sets on the horizon. (Would that not be the most awesomest newgrounds day movie ever?!)

Update: Here's a more coplete version, the slow section is shorter and I've added a fast section and a key change, so it gets a bit different near the end. It's not quite finished yet, further criticism is welcome, if you haven't reviewed it already, please do, tell me what you think.

I'd like to know what people think of this. It's simple, it's fun, but it's also repetitive, and I need to mix it up more and add a lot of variation to it. I really like the tempo shift, and if I could add a couple more, I could probably get the SMW ending theme type snazzy sound. It's still a long way off being finished, but here it is anyway, up for criticism. It's supposed to be in the style of Dad 'n Me. This song's for you, Dan Paladin! <3

Also: LOL

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Very nice indeed

Now this was something really good a nice and jazzy feel and you push the jazz to the ultimate level you have some really nice vibe here the tune gets very deep and pushes all the limits there's really nothing that needs any changes here it's a top notch piece very nice work indeed good quality I like the quality and love the jazz flavor of this


I enjoyed this better than 1900s piano music accompanied by a quartet. Only this time I wanted to break something out of inspiration rather than anger. Wonderful! If I was a vulgar man with no sense of shame or decency, I would say that this would be perfect for the Fifty Shades Series.

However, I say neigh good sir, for that wicked taint of writing would be a disservice to your fine reputation. You are a incredible author of music and thus creditable to that end, unlike that filth.

This sir, is fine wine, and is the perfect setting for nearly any occasion. Even a jewish betrothal. As a jewish groom would say "Mazel tov", that means good fortune and break the glass by the way. This is in my head now:, "I like to hit things, Mazel tov, Mazel tov, Mazel tov!!" I have your genius to thanks for that. Instant 5/5 stars!

this + Modern Warfare = AWESOME

just awesome

Beautiful played

I love to hit things aswell, I loved how you hit those funky etudes into that piano, and gave birth to a very elegant, upbeat tune. This is so peaceful, and enlightning, I could fall asleep to this. And the ending keys were well played, it didn't spoil the rhythm of this beautiful epic note.


This makes me sooo happy because of this fantasic music wants to make me have an orgasmic moment phew good thing i didn't. i wish when i'm on a rampage i could have this song in my mind saying i like to hit things :) oh wait i know how to play piano i can play this song XD i'm so happy this song makes me wanna beat up someone now and hit people XDD