Reviews for "Purple Sawdust"

Great dad n' me tribute

From start to finish this cartoon was packed with unexpected action and hilarious thrills. The animations style accompanied this concept well. The story of this movie was quite wacky. It just seemed that one insane thing happened after another. In a series of events that were wonderfully tied together. The sound effect contributed to the wacky and action packed theme. One big problem that I had with this is that the end came too fast. Yeah Tom Fulps computer got destroyed. But would dad still be killing those people because they tried to kill him? The ending was almost stupid at the fact that it was put in at such a bad time. If you extended the length this would have been nearly perfect.

Very Cool

This is very very cool


i feel sad for that guy his computer exloded from a smoking kid O__O


The cannon part was my favorite, nice video 5/5.


the cannon part made me lol alot