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jmtb02 Game Parodies

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-EDIT: Yikes! I just realized that Luisara's highscores do not work... I'll see what I can do to patch it up. For the meantime, if you find any bugs and glitches with the games, please PM me instead of posting in your reviews. I appreciate your input!

Hi there! This was a tribute to one of Newgrounds' most prolific coders, jmtb02. Known for his crazy particle-based games, I hoped to recreate three of his works.

The control schemes vary per game, but there are global controls as well:
ESCAPE -- return to main menu
M -- toggle music on/off

The game parodies are:
Ball Refurbished (parody of Ball Revamped)
Parachute Defective (parody of Parachute Retrospect)
Luisara (parody of Luminara)

There are ALSO a FEW SECRETS lying here and there in the game, which are arguably better than the parodies themselves.

So, even if you don't like my tribute, at least pay respect to the man who made Luminara, Ball Revamped, Dark Cut, and such. HAPPY JMTB02 DAY!

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Another secret!!!

Press the head at the man in the menu there you mgonna press space!!!!


Go to the credits(main menu, bottom). At the bottom of the credits, threre is a message. Once you see the word "secret", click on it. I liked that game!

John IS Outrageous!

Wonderful. John would be proud :D




JOHN JOHN JOHN IS TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!! (click on johns face in beginning)

Kart-Man responds:

Truly, truly, truly outrageous!