*Heart Of Rave*

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Rave Hardcore from *Heart of Sword*

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Fucking Awesome

I just heard this on NG Pass 1 had to hear the whole thing, all I can say is fucking awesome man

amazingly wicked

is a cool song, has amazing beat too. this is one of if not your best work. fair length, is composed of pure head-pulsing raving parties. one download, one perfect score. 5/5 10/10

Totaly wicked!

It sounds similar to the rave going on down the street (as I write this reveiw). It's totaly wicked, getting it a full on score!

Well done

nice man,
this is your best song ever,
this is the real heart of rave,
good drum rythm,
good balance,
it was just perfect,
nah, not perfect, almost, its too short ;)

keep up the good work,

a download
and a fan ;)

Simply Wonderful

I think your 2007 works are amazing, this and Violent Storm has to be the best of your 2007 submissions. This song has a great beat to it, I especially like the beat after 'Let's go!' at 00:42 it just fits the song so well! This song is acctually so good the comp crashed while typing this, but i managed to copy it before the screen closed :) Wish i could say more, but as TisKoi said, very few words are worthy of reviewing this amazing song. Great work Zero-Bass 5/5 10/10 .