Reviews for "jmtb02 Game Parodies"

I for one liked it

But how come Luisara only has 3 levels? Well, anyway, nice game, though obviously the JMTB02 games are the better ones.

8/10, 4/5.

Awesome :D!

A great tribute ;P, good job! I especially liked Ball Refurbished :)!

Keep it up ;D!

kinda fun

the games were goodish but the title is mileading i thought it would be video game parodies

gr8 music makes up for crap game

dude the only reason u got a 6 from me is cuz u used chaoz fantasy as ur intro music. other than that, this was crap. never make parodies of another game, bcuz unless its better than the other game we'll just go check out the game ur parodying. ball revamped is an amazing game, and ur pretty much just standing in front of it and placing burning turds on its lap. dude, don't do this again


Well it obviously doesnt compare to jmtb02 but still, you did a marvelous job of imitating his games!! now i wont be surprised if this gets blammed but i still think its terrific!!!