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The Green & White Collab

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A Collab based off the B & W Collab.

Main Offender - The Hives.


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Hah, this is a neat idea, having everything animated in two shades. Two shades that fit well together, as well, and the musical/animational mix works great. Love the FBF parts in the animation especially, lots of cool transitions and random entertainment. Keep it up!


just no...

I didn't enjoy that atall. The majority of the sketches looked as if though a 10 year-old beginner at flash done there first animation. if thats the case than well done, if not, then don't string togethor a bunch of eyestraining stick people.


This collab was a long time ago...but still pretty cool! Good times..good times...


I would love to see if there were any actual rules for the collab. Wonderfully creative and interesting animation. There should be more callabs like this.

FrozenSheep responds:

Yes yes, my good man.

Why those colours?

I'd be interested to know the thinking behind those colours. I can understand having low-contrast colours for something slow or some old-timey scene maybe, but here it just seems like an attempt to induce a wee bit of eyestrain.

Seems to me that lowering the brightness of the green would have helped, but as I say I'd be interested to know your reasoning. I can only imagine it was set that way as a change for change's sake.

The actual animations were all reasonably well done and I did enjoy the changes between line-based animation and solid shapes.

However, for the most part it seemed to fall into an uncomfortable place without jokes or narrative and where neither the subject matter nor animation quality were of a high enough standard to be really enjoyable purely on their own merits.

FrozenSheep responds:

Firstly, I picked the color for no reason what so ever.
Well, that was very well written review and i agree with you about your last point.
Its found it hard to get group of fairly experience animators in a short period of time, so i picked anyone with reasonable aniamtion skills. I had a few good animators on board, but i'm still pretty happy to have fairly unknown individuals contribute.

So all i'm saying is i'm happy with it.