Reviews for "The Green & White Collab"

cool one

that was a pretty nice collab. I think that everybody's contribution to this one was pretty nice, an excellent choice of music in it, good usage of colors, especially green and white and it was fun to watch. Nice work to everyone.

On a small personal note, here's my first review of 2008.


I vote 5 cause I was in it and it was really good! Also, I accepted your co-author invite...but I accepted too late. Can you still put me on it?


good but it was hard to see the white with the light green >><

Aww.. I forgot to give my part to you. >_<

The movie was cool.
Hope theres a another collab!


Wow I loved the style of it. The graphics in this was just amazing, and it was really bad ass. I liked the animation as well and this was just a great flash. Keep it up! :]