Reviews for "The Green & White Collab"


Wow I loved the style of it. The graphics in this was just amazing, and it was really bad ass. I liked the animation as well and this was just a great flash. Keep it up! :]

Aww.. I forgot to give my part to you. >_<

The movie was cool.
Hope theres a another collab!


I vote 5 cause I was in it and it was really good! Also, I accepted your co-author invite...but I accepted too late. Can you still put me on it?


I would love to see if there were any actual rules for the collab. Wonderfully creative and interesting animation. There should be more callabs like this.

FrozenSheep responds:

Yes yes, my good man.


This collab was a long time ago...but still pretty cool! Good times..good times...