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Constant struggle

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Edit: Sweet, thank you for the frontpage. And thank you all for your comments =)

Hello everyone!

This animation was made by myself and two friends as a school project, our group name was ROTOTO and if your thinking "Thats a stupid name", well you are right but its a logical one, credits of the movie will show you what I mean =). This is our first try at animation and we worked many days and nights to get this done, we hope you enjoy it.

PS. Since we used a few attachsound actions the preloader won't show until about 20-30% so don't close the window out of frustration. File size is about 4.3Mb, give or take, more or less. Enjoy


Extra edit :P Since alot of people are asking I will explain more on the first animation subject. This is our first animation, not just as a group but individually aswell. In fact the two TO's had never used flash prior to this animation. I (RO) have earlier learnt the basics of flash, motion tweening, shape tweening and just how the basics work. So this is the first animation we have made, and it was a great experience =)

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Rob released this animation before GD? Nice.


Lole funny

people realise this is 14 years old?

Robtop why don’t you make more with your people?

tipical robtop edition.I love it.(also i still miss spike from GD)Here's a question:what prograam do you use to aniamte?