Reviews for "Constant struggle"

and that kids, was a bird sent by etzer to stop the spanish youtubers from making money from fake 2.1 sneak peaks.

RubRub is here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

where the hell did that scope come from? The shotgun had no scope xD

Geometry dash 2.2 looks great

Seems like he really should've chosen a different place to live. XD Nice animation though, expressive, and especially the background drawings have such attention to detail. Feels like it could be symbolic in so many ways too. The balance of life. The bird a part of you, or of the world? The house on the hill a manifestation of our consciousness, or doubt, or anything really. It's simple; nonsensical fun even without a deeper meaning, but I like how it can really mean anything. Everything. It's all up to the beholder. Nice work.