Reviews for "Constant struggle"

LOOOOOL! Dis guy got rekt... :P

BTW, how do your classmates feel about your success in game developing? And... do you have a girlfriend?


Is html working?

Amazing animation! Also, were you the voice of any of the voice overs? :P



Being this your first animation I just can't believe the quality of the graphics and how well you animated them. Being three of you makes it easier to look on details but anyways...
Also the story was good and the way it starts made me wonder for a while WTF was that wooden cross doing and that is fine as it made me put more attention on your work.
Two things: wells work because of groundwater :-P
How does the guy gets food??
This reminded me of the Simpsons episode where their house's foundations are bad. When a tiny bird lands over the chimney. LOL
Ro, To and To: keep up that excellent work