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Clear Vision II

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Hi everyone!
Update 2007-12-15*
wohoo! Thanks for frontpage Tom! I really appreciate it!

Update 2007-12-09*
Wow, I must thank you all for your great responses and daily second!
If you don't mind you could help me get the game into the collection "shooting games" , that would be super:)

The sequal to Clear Vision I is now here. It has been out at addictinggames.com for a while but finally I can send it to newgrounds!
I'm sorry for the big .swf (the music takes the place) I hope you can live with that!:)

www.dpflashes.com for more information about upcoming releases.

I'll see ya

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The mission with the lieutenant and the helicopter is impossible! There are two armed targets, only enough time for one shot, and no matter which one you shoot first, the other WILL kill you! You can't stop both of them! The lieutenant will kill you the instant you shoot the pilot (bullshit, nobody's that fast), and the pilot will dash off screen before you can blink and then shoot you dead from off-screen if you shoot the lieutenant first! Fucking broken! Nobody can possibly pull that off if it's set up like that! Shame on you!

love this game daani make more of these

this game is awesome


this game has the best storyline ever great artwork and amazing story daani this is my favorite game ever but it ends but it its ok atleast its the best game ever