Reviews for "Clear Vision II"

Good, But...

I would have given it a 10 except for the fact that its too short. Make it longer!

Daani responds:

Wanting more is just a sign of you loving it, so I'd give it a 10 if I were you;)


this game is too short to have fun

I rated this a 7 because it is too short. they should make a game like this but your a sniper in the army

Daani responds:


Very nice

The game was very nicely done, my friend. Very nice. Although I wish there was a stealth mission (I.E. that one where you steal the missile plans. Would have been fun to sneak around with arrow keys) All in all, good job!

if you make a third...

make it so there are various side-missons for earning extra cash, and have a store with better riffles, scopes, etc. to make main missons easier.

exellent but short

it was a great game wats the money for make a third and make it longer and i beat it in 45 minutes overall 9/10 4/5