Reviews for "Clear Vision II"

Great game

I liked this one! great story, great game, and i like sticks things! Good job!

Oh My God.

I wish I could give you 11 stars. I have checked ng for this flash every 2 days since I played the first one.

Great ending, great story, great animation... the only ONLY problem was some spelling mistake shit, but I seriously could give a shit.


I don't like sniping games but this...your game is amazing. If you could make another without jeopardizing the storyline, I'd say do it. This game actually made me sad. The fact that you can do that with sticks is ridiculous. Well done, sir. Well done.


this game is amazing i love it

Love it!

Alright, it was just as awesome as the first one, but maybe adding in some voices? Just a thought... keep em coming!