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YES! Daily 10th! I know it's not a real award but thanks anyway.

This was a project for history where we had to make a video about a country we made up and link it to nathionolisum some how. Well I did the next best thing and made a flash. Now I only had the weekened to make this so its not top noch but it still has a few good jokes.

Specail thanks to DHCJohn for the voice acting.


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people stacking!!

the people stacking is awesomely cool-- but it got a bit dull towards the end when the puppets started and the lip synching stopped :D but i still liked it

Classic, I love this Bro

"The platypus is a loser animal and were are a loser country"

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Best movie I've seen in a while. The first thing that I liked was the narration. A very clear and confident voice gave you all the information about this country and kept me interested. The jokes were great. Pretty much every single one made me laugh, especially the people stacking and the civil war was funny too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Got kind of boring during the Q&A section of this, though the sock puppets were a good idea.


This was quite a good flash movie in my opinion. The graphics and the animations were quite well, even though you could have done a better job with the lip syncing.
The voice acting was great, except for a few cracks and rustles there and that guy with the low quality mic at the end (I don't get why you've done that...).

I liked the "tetris" part best, that was really funny. The worst part was the 40 seconds long song. I really think it would've been better if you had cut that song a bit.

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A few good jokes?

If I wanted to hear a few good jokes, I would have listened to John Pinette. If I wanted to hear to mindless bullshit, I would have listened to Carlos Mancia. But if I wanted to watch a parody about a school history report from a guy for who I am convinced has the sense of humor of a rock, I would have listened to you Mr. Flanagan, who else?

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Nov 20, 2007
9:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original