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Dual Arms: Precipice

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Author Comments

The newest entry in the Dual Arms saga, Dual Arms Verbatim Part 1, has been released! Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/539826

For anyone coming here from Verbatim - Precipice takes almost a week after the conclusion of Verbatim (the as-of-yet unreleased part 2). The only visible connection to Verbatim is the appearance of Seth, who is here being sent to interrogate Ikaryu though he decides to kill him. If you don't care about spoiling the series for yourself, you can pm me for the details between Verbatim and Precipice. Hope you enjoy it!

Update: Uploaded the new version of movie. This version fixes most of the issues with my Japanese and the one pan in the beginning. I'm now beginning work on my new project, also within the Dual Arms universe; see my profile for updates. I hope you'll look forward to it!

My second serious flash, many months of work. Please leave a review and tell me what I can improve on; I'll respond to as many as I can. Leave your cursor at the bottom of the screen to engage subtitles; I know some of the dialogue may be hard to hear. Enjoy!

Ikaryu Solstice and his team were given a mission by the New Age Union - to get the city-state of Sivrania on their side in the conflict against the Raikeian Empire. Asiduus will argue their case, but he must not be interrupted; Ikaryu and Selenae are assigned to prevent imperial agents from interfering. But Ikaryu's mind is elsewhere, on his uncle's death at the hands of imperial soldiers, many years ago. . .

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The voice sound quality should be improved. They sound muffled.
Using less widely recognized music would be a huge improvement as well.
Um, the instrumentals too, but especially Hiru No Tsuki cause I just associate that with Outlaw Star. heh... other than that, good job.


I agree with the user below, this IS HIGHLY underrated. How this has a score below a 4 is beyond me. This was superb. I'm not one to complain that much about the animation, but I thought it was really good. Certainly nothing on the level of some stuff you see in the top 50 of all time on Newgrounds, but it was really good and I had no problems with it. But the thing that sold it for me was the patience you had with the storytelling. You didn't just jump right into some pointless battles like I'm sure many people would have preferred; you took care to setup the world, the storyline and the characters, and this made this a much more fascinating piece of work, and certainly more fun to watch as I was engaged in what was going on. I'm a sucker for these sort of things on Newgrounds when people actually take time to develop an interesting story instead of short clips of senseless violence or unfunny comedy shorts. Your directing was great, the visuals and composition was were all great. So good job man, I only wish you've done more on Newgrounds that I could see.

If I had only one complaint, it would have to be your selection of music during the fight scenes. Maybe you were going for a Quentin Tarantino feel with that, but since that music is so overused in many things, it kind of ruined the feel a bit. But that's just a minor gripe.

But again, good job.

RPGsrok responds:

Glad u liked the movie. Looking back, I can definately see things I could do better now, but I do honestly believe its a bit underrated. The next movie I plan to release will be in the same universe as this one, and that focuses on the "world" even more than this movie did. I've put some pics and info on my userpage if you want to see.

I know Misirlou is overused, and I'm gonna try to get a little more obscure in my music choice. I plan to use "Yuki, Muon Madobe Nite" for the battle in my next movie; hopefully that's obscure enough.

Thanks for reviewing.

Highly underrated!

Great work!!! Really! You have a lot of potential. I think this flash is better than some of the stuff in The Top 50!

Nice build up.

One of the main problems was that the beginning could push some people off before it gets interesting. Also, the audio had lots of reverb with headphones. It was great however.

deserves more views

this has improved since i saw the first episode awhile back, keep it up man

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2007
7:17 PM EST