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Hino of the Iroquois

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NOTE: If everything just bunches up when you load the game, just reload the game and it'll work.
For the people that are interested: F2Jam v4 Demo (http://www.stuystandard.

>>I THINK I FINALLY GOT IT 100% WORKING!!! OMFG! 5th try is the charm? Everything except preloader is working o.O. Please be patient!
So here's the story on why it didn't work for half the people and why it did work for half...
The problem that happened was caused by the un-updated Flash Player 9s. Anyone who used Flash Player 9 r28 (older version) got the bug. Everyone who had r45 or r47 didn't have the bug. The solution? Well, move all the crap from every other frame to one frame... Yea, it sucked... Well, I'm praying it's working.

Thanks a lot to hephestas, lumpypaint, the-taken, Bob1234567890X, and many others for helping me figure out this problem! I really appreciate you help!

Please PM me if you still get the bug... :(

You are Hino, the Iroquois' greatest archer.
There is trouble brewing and you have been called to arms...

You must defend your tribe, your people, and your land.

May the Great Spirit be with you!

Quick Controls:
Aim - Mouse
Shoot - Hold Space or Hold Mouse
Miracles - Shift

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i dont like it

the arrows are too slow, have poor range, the aim was too anoying, and the genere
its something too used and not its original

if someone have a problem with my inglish i am mexican

Minimal shift on an already existing game.

Miracles and Indians are the only things that saved you from a low vote.

Champion was submitted about a year and a half back and consisted of a stick figure staying in one position firing arrows while more stick figures charged against enemy sticks.

Champion was a fun game, and this is a fun game. However due to a lack of trust in people instigated by the American Media who were given the right by our forfathers to feed us with lies, I can't tell if you copied Champion's creator or came up with an original idea too late.

Its pretty good...

It may need some more work to make it more fun, but its still good as it is now.

Keep up the good work.


its ok but its needs some variety


Glad you got those problems fixed, its a good game. Pretty good concept