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Reviews for "Hino of the Iroquois"

awesome game

loved everything about the game. It would be super cool if we could get arrow upgrades like flaming arrows, icy ones, and stuff. i liked the way that you had to actually get the aiming properly unlike the games where you click on somewhere and the ammo goes right to that spot.

nice job! :)


This game was good, I would have liked to see exp points or something of the like for upgrades but the miracle points where really good.

Pretty Good.

It just seems a little slow and hard to shoot, but overall it's fun. Nice lil' defence game.

Great game.

Beautiful music, excellent gameplay, everything was just great. I played it for a while, and had lots of fun. I liked how the pointer shook while you were charging and holding it. Good job.


Okay, I rlly enjoy the game although the sensitivity are too much, or is it just me?
Anyway, its need a preloader & u could have my 5 votes!
I gave u 4/5 btw...