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Reviews for "Hino of the Iroquois"


sorry man but the aiming system is inacurate
i mean u put your cursor on the enemy and when u fire it dun go for them

it IS realistic
but realistic isnt always fun

and because of this type of aiming it is too difficult
and the scouts are way to fast
needs some tweaks but the graphics are pretty good


Okay, I rlly enjoy the game although the sensitivity are too much, or is it just me?
Anyway, its need a preloader & u could have my 5 votes!
I gave u 4/5 btw...


Good, but was it necessary to resubmit 5 times? Maybe try checking for bugs more next time. Nice game though


If anything, you made it worse. Now the mouse dosen't work with the shooting, which isn't a bad thing, it's just that the space bar is all screwy with the controls. Another odd glitch is that if you click enter, or attempt to go past the intro a bunch of weird info and things go through endlessly for no reason. As for the graphics, they weren't bad graphcis, but they weren't great ones ether. Enough to do the job. My opinon of you "fixing" this game is this: Just leave the submission the way it is. If certain people have problems with it because they don't have the latest version of flash, then screw them. Average submission as it is now.

Nope. Still bugged.

All I got was a bunch of flashing, overlapping images. Still got some kinks to work out of it, man. Hope you get it fixed up.