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This is an adaptation of the ALIENS board game made by Leading Edge Games into Flash.

It is a hard game, but there are only 3 missions. Enjoy the difficulty.

Good luck.

"One express elevator to hell, going down"

Flamer kills don't have acid spray. Use them on aliens up close, but when the alien is on a marine, it's too late for flamers. Use melee (fist icon) to try to throw the alien off.

Pistols are almost useless. These marines should just move or help melee an alien off one of his buddies.

Grenades kill aliens 1 square away from the blast square, but injure marines up to 6 squares away. Plus, there is a chance the grenade will miss the target square by one, so plan carefully if you want to use grenades.

NOTE: It was designed for 1024x786, so I'm sorry if it's hard to make out some details in 800x600.

07/25 2008 - uploaded V1.2
Fixed many bugs.
Added ammo restrictions.
Added the ability to flame the ground.
Added the Apone rule into the Reactor mission.
Improved the Alien AI.
Added a score system (Thanks to DMC for the idea).
Added a brightness control.
Fit the preloader music in.

12/04 - uploaded V1.1
Fixed some bugs.
Added some features to help first time players.
Mission summary now tracks total and individual kills, just for fun.

11/06 - uploaded a new version.
Fixed a sound bug.
Juggled the sound to include music at the menu.
Added an indicator that an alien target has a marine.


2nd mission

Ive played the 2nd mission 4 times i no wot 2 do but it wont let me do it...

True Homage To The Original Board Game Version.

I saw the prototype for this game in a gaming magazine called Galaxy (if I remember correctly). They had a hex-based reactor room map with rules and charts with marine names, aim times, weapons, etc... all based on the Leading Edge (out of print) combat system. I seem to recall it went by the name Phoenix or something of that sort. After the magazine version, someone decided to make a board game version. I purchased it at a comic book shop at Charlotte, North Carolina back around 1990 or so. I was in college at the time and my buddies and I played it so much that I still cannot believe we all graduated. This flash version is an excellent rendition of a classic board game. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it. This is a part of the natural evolution of this game from a magazine article, to an actual board game, to the contemporary internet version. I am truly beside myself. How do you guys make your money? Do you take donations? I am truly that grateful.

The Map;
The black sections of the map (solid obstructions) are a little hard to figure out at times. You may consider a white trim (or other color) around the perimeter of a solid area to help it stand out. Also, the grated floor is a little too real. You may consider superimposing a faint white grid (I think the board game used light blue) to help individual squares stand out a little better.
The Marines;
It is a little hard at a quick glance to tell the marines apart. Vasquez and Drake with the two smart-guns are easy to make out, however, no one else is. The board game version had color bars with the names superimposed on them. You may consider giving the Marines a "base" below the figure. What I mean is give assign a color to each Marine and fill the square they occupy with that color surrounding their overhead view body (but not overlapping the body). Now match that color with the character's weapon silhouette above, surrounding their weapon icon with the color that makes up the base of the marine on the map.
The Aliens;
The Aliens are a little hard to see on the map. Sure, that mirrors the plight of the marines in the movie, but I want to win! You may consider adding a thin white outline around the alien figures to help them stand out or maybe use the motion tracker concept. What you could try is this:
1. The Aliens move.
2. As soon as the marine turn begins, send out a sonar-like pulse from the center-most marine (or Hudson in particular). Make the pulse look the same color as the one from the movie (light blue or white?) with that popping/crackling sound effect. When the pulse (eminating from the marine in a sonar fashion) hits an Alien, cause the Alien to flash a solid white/light blue or even cause an oval blob to flash in his space like the tracker in the movie.

Robert Moore
Elementary Art Teacher of 15 Years in South Carolina.

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homedrone responds:

I'm always glad to hear someone who was a fan of the original board game is enjoying my version. I make my money as a teacher as well.. nothing to do with this. I'm not associated with the original creators of the board game at all. I could probably get in trouble if I accepted money. As for your improvement comments, they are good. Some of which I have been thinking about ways to improve already. Unfortunately, I've now started on a new project, so it may be a while before I get back to updating Aliens the Board Game again. Someday.

The best flash game ever made. 25 stars.

Literally, the best flash game ever made. The *only* improvements I could possibly think of are 1) a 'skip' button that allows you to wait until later to move a marine, (to prevent these log jams, which aren't tactical. The order in which marines move through tunnel should not affect how fast they are. (Vasquez following Frost should be the same as Frost following Vasquez. A 'skip' button would allow for this.) and 2) possibly, a way to click on a square, and highlight all the other squares that have line-of-site to that square. Because sometimes I'm confused about what squares have line of site to what other squares.

That, and a *slight* increase in the chances of hitting for pistols and 1-point shots. Right now, pistols are pretty useless. Even with rifles, the option is either to move 2 spaces or shoot, because doing the move 1 / shoot 1 option is pretty much a waste unless the thing you are shooting at is only 1 space away.

Map editor and character editor might be neat too, but I'm sure that would require a much bigger game. Seriously, with a little improvement, this game could be turned into a business. Dragonfable and such are not nearly as good, and they have thousands of paying customers.

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homedrone responds:

My head always swells up when I read stuff like this. I love it (^_-). Thanks.

If I put in a skip button, that effectively makes it "move whoever you want whenever you want". The order selection is a big part of the challenge of the game. I don't want to get rid of it. But, in the board game, you had to rearrange your team order before going in the ducts. I skipped over that, maybe it was a mistake.

Yeah, pistols are pretty useless. If I was designing a tactical game like X-com or something, I would make the pistols better. But this is a simulation of the movie Aliens and an adaption of an existing set or rules. So I don't want to mess with them much.

Thanks again for your encouragement. It's comments like this that keep me going on my new project, which wont be finished for a while, but I think you might like it.


Dude when is the newer version coming out i love this game :D

The difficulty was great and so was the animation lots of hard work put in.

Well done :D

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homedrone responds:

2 or 3 weeks? *fingers crossed*

sweet game

this game is addicting. really liked it, hope you make another one where you can pick your weapons.

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homedrone responds:

A new version will come out soon with quite a new features. Better alien movement. Ability to flame the ground. Ammo restrictions. But still no ability to pick up weapons ;(

I'm thinking over the problem though, so be hopeful.

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