Reviews for "ALIENS the Board Game"

good work

i have never played the board game before but this game is 1337 !!!!

dood you the man

The game was so good that a gaming site called games radar has a fetcher on it its a top nine i'l pm you on how to get there.

Excellent again

Sorry made an error with the link I wrote before..

http://img413.imageshack.us/my.php?im age=aliensboardgameend2jc3.png

This is the image you should check out..

hammerogod some pointers on finding newt on level 3...

-As soon as you start in the elevator launch a grenade deep into the hive downwards direction (southwards), this will irritate the Queen and she will come running after you, if you have played from Level 1 and have more of a team you can then fire many shots at her and it is easier to kill her. If you are on your own with just ripley, you need to fire many grenades at a distance right at her (you need a direct hit to wound her), then run like hell shooting and running, you can use walls to hide behind and confuse her also, it is difficult.

-Use ripleys scanner to detect Newt..

-If you have more of a team on level 3 split the group up, I use a healthy rescue team of my best units (Usually Ripley, Apone, Hicks) and then have a backup reserve team holding the elevator area (usually the rest of the marines and any injured units). You can use the reserve team as a distraction to the aliens, while the rescue team extracts Newt. Also the reserve team can be used to fire deep grenades into the hive and you can even move them up to the corridor for additional support. Also when you have rescued newt and need to get out things can always go wrong, this is when I throw the reserves in as backup.

-Remember when you find Newt the top corridor explodes, you are going to have to go through the hive to get out.

Check out the link, it proves the game is not impossible, I only lost vasquez in the whole game (and burke who I left on purpose), the rest of the team though battered survived.

Fantastic stuff, well done!

Well, I have just discovered this and have been playing it constantly for about a week now. I'm a MASSIVE Aliens fan since the eighties, and I still have both the original Leading Edge board game and its expansion. What you have made with this simply amazes me! Thank you so much.
Yes it's bloody hard, I have only Once managed to get all the marines out of the Reactor Room, alive and fully intact. Only to be wiped out to the last man in Operations - it was just Newt, in the end, scurrying down the tunnels... but she could not run fast enough!
I really hope you come back and make more with this game - we need the Ripley/Powerloader vs the Alien Queen scenario. I always found this one very difficult. Excellent work with the recent updates - I love the ammo restrictions (all too realistic!) and flame squares (really useful!) I would be thrilled if you added Facehuggers to the Rescue Newt scenario - and how about the good old Hunt The Queen? It's a must - especially if you've made it out of Ops with at least 3 or 4 people.
What could be improved? Not much really. I would ask that you increase the MUSIC play time - I just love James Horner's score and I'm very glad that you have included it - but please make the samples a bit longer. I find myself getting annoyed that the sound clips keep repeating after 20 or so seconds, and personally for me, making the music longer would be extremely satisfying.

I also think that the original colour-coding for the charatcers would be a good idea. It would stay faithful to the board game and make it a little easier to see who's who, especially when zoomed out. I'd like to see the game automatically scroll through through and hi-light the character whose turn it is, up the top of the screen. As it is currently, if you have say, more than 9 men alive, you have to left-click to scroll through the list in order to find the character (to check his status for example). It should just auto-scroll along from left to right, as the men take their turns. And could you make the manually driven left-right scroll happen automatically just by holding the mouse over the white arrow icons? For a speedy scroll though.
That should do for now. I'll post more thoughts/suggestions as they come. Brilliant work, though! Thanks again!

Best game on Newgrounds

I love the work you've done on this game Homedrone, it's truly given me countless hours of enjoyment!

As a transposition of the board game to a flash format it's already perfection and I couldn't really suggest any gameplay improvements, only cosmetic ones eg. more graphic detail ( a cool idea might be including stats and a photo for a unit when you hold your cursor over it) or as someone suggested adding more sound bytes.

However I think there exists the potential to create a slightly modified alternate version of this game, one based around replicating as closely as possible the conditions and variables of the film. The following is a list of suggestions for measures that could be implemented to create this alternate version:

. In the hive mission have the squad move in a pre-determined order to match the order they react in the movie. My best recollection is: Hudson, Dietrich, Frost, Wierzbowski, Crowe, Hicks, Vasquez, Drake, Apone but this may not be 100% correct and could vary depending on where you take the action from. I'm taking it from Hudson's last line before the ambush " They´re all around us, man!"

. Have there starting formation as close to possible to the positions they appeared in the movie eg. Apone is by himself, Frost and Dietrich are near the stairwell etc.

. Make the ammunition satchel transportable by any marine but initially carried by Frost. If a Marine with a flame unit is grabbed there could be a percentage chance of them instinctively pulling the trigger , then a percentage change of them igniting a marine in their line of fire, and finally a percentage chance if the satchel is hit of it igniting. Once the satchel is ignited it has count-down timer before exploding of something like 1 turn.

. You could give Marines the ability to pick up the weapons of fallen comrades 'ala Drake and his salvaged flamethrower.

. In Ops depending which Marines survive the hive ambush and whether the ammo satchel makes it through; there could be a choice of weapons that can be equipped which matches what was available in the movie. This would avoid the unrealistic situation of say Dietrich and Wierzbowski being the only ones to make it to Ops and suddenly being only equipped with side-arms.

. As in the movie Gorman could have Grenades and the option to equip heavier weaponry depending on what was left over.

. As people have already suggested you could also add in a bonus mission, where it's Ferro and Spunkmeyer with pistols against a single Alien in the dropship. Turn 1 could start with the Alien leaping on Spunkmeyer; so the only way you can win is if he fights it off and kills it, or Ferro kills it or either of them manage to close the ramp and seal it outside. Of course if the player is successful then they don't have to play Ops or Rescue Newt.