Reviews for "ALIENS the Board Game"


This game was phenomenal.. possibly the most awesome board game in the planet! I salute your wonderful imagination and generally superior coding skills!

Loved it.

I feel that Gorman should be a little more accurate with that pistol of his.

I cant get past the operations rooms because I dont know how to cut the door... I thought Vasquez had the torch but I didnt see any special icons and blah blah.

I think the grenades have too great an area of effect. I find myself having to be placed all the way across the room and then firing at the opposite wall and still getting wounded.

Still loved to see this adaptation of ALIENS. Thougt it was really well done. Maybe you can make another with the sentry turrets or some other such thing.

homedrone responds:

You were right, Vasquez has a torch. Along with all the other combat marines. Just move one down to square that the red arrow is pointing to and a "cut door" button will appear.

sweet game

this game is addicting. really liked it, hope you make another one where you can pick your weapons.

homedrone responds:

A new version will come out soon with quite a new features. Better alien movement. Ability to flame the ground. Ammo restrictions. But still no ability to pick up weapons ;(

I'm thinking over the problem though, so be hopeful.


Dude when is the newer version coming out i love this game :D

The difficulty was great and so was the animation lots of hard work put in.

Well done :D

homedrone responds:

2 or 3 weeks? *fingers crossed*

Great game! Far better than the original board game. I couldn't stop playing it! I discovered a glitch, though. I've only seen this on the second level so don't know if it will happen on the others or not, but after the flame unit has run out of ammo it is still possible to flame the floor to hold off the aliens. The counter reads zero, but it can still be done. And then after that the ammo counter perpetually reads "01". Still a great game though.

Also, have you considered creating a 4th level like in the board game where a character can battle the alien queen with the loader? Might be difficult in a flash game. Maybe the loader would be limited to moving one square per turn, but players could still perform actions equal to their usual score (meaning 3 or 2 actions). They could move, defend with the loading claws, pummel with the loading claws, grab, or use the blowtorch, battering the queen until she's weak enough to be picked up and flung into the airlock. But the queen can attack with her bite, her hands, or spear with her tail. It would be a matter of who gets damaged enough first. The loader or the queen. Just a thought.