Reviews for "ALIENS the Board Game"

One issue with this game from the original...

Marines and Aliens were not allowed to go diagnol. This is a huge flaw with the flash version. flaming the ground is not near as usefull because of it.

homedrone responds:

The rules are pretty clear on movement, diagonal is fine.

But, you are right that there is an error. I can't believe I never realized it before, but the aliens should not be able to move diagonally through fire and a wall. Thanks for making me look at it again.


I bought the board game and the expansion both when they first came out, and have many fond memories of playing this game back in high school. This Flash version is a spot-on perfect recreation of the board game, and everything that made it fun-- the sound effects, music, everything are authentic and perfect.

Awesome Game!

Hi, I am gonna try to learn flash so I can make boardgames like this. Is there a place you went or book or anything I can look at to learn to do something turn based like this? Or is it a secret? I know you guys make money off this so...
Thanks anyhow for a great game.

Hard, but OK.

By the way I also played an earlier version of this game. It has no ammo features, however. Enjoyed that more than once!

"Marines, we are leaving!!!"

So well done, but the Power Loader vs. Alien Queen scenario really needs to be created, I mean everything else is here, why not that too?

But anyways this really is first class. I did a pretty good playthrough of the Reactor Mission and uploaded it to youtube, check it out for anyone that wants to know how to play this correctly.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPCXOS 9Pv0I

Please please please, Powerloader vs Alien Queen, make it happen!