Reviews for "ALIENS the Board Game"

Fantastic implementation of the board game. Beautiful, atmospheric, and totally true to the Leading Edge original - probably better than playing the original. Good work, sir!

One of my favorites

This game... I'm at a loss for words. i watched Aliens the other day and was desperate for some kind of Aliens TBS, for free, online. I stumbled upon this and promptly lost the rest of my day to it (in a good way.) There are no praises I can give that haven't been given already. I found the difficulty to be incredibly frustrating, but at the same time it was also what made the game so enjoyable and satisfying. I don't know if you've hung up the animating tools for good, but if you haven't I'd love to see another game like this, or an expansion to this one. If you have moved on with your life, be proud of yourself, this was quite an achievement.

On a side note, does anybody know where I can find more games like this? They don't have to be Alien(s) related.

my preferited

is cool but yery hard to finish the good idea to this game e to save more marine to the first mision to can rezist to mision 2

Fun, but difficult. To the point where its unfair.

I really like this game, but it is SO difficult. Like I really hate how hard it is to kill the aliens, I mean c'mon, they're trained marines it shouldn't be too hard. The spawn points for the aliens are really obnoxious too, I absolutely hate starting Reactor and losing the only useful marines because the aliens spawn right next to them. I know it's accurate to the movie that it's so hard, but for something to be fun I should have a pretty good chance of winning. I really think a second difficulty would be nice, keep the same game but label that 'Normal' and then make an 'Easy' where the chance to kill with the weapons are higher than 70%, and the aliens have a much more fair spawn point. I think in Operations the kill rate with the pulse rifles should be 99%, because if theyre that close you shouldn't have a hard time missing. And the Grenades! dear god i dont even use those until halfway into operations when im going back to the door to medical, because the splash damage is GINORMOUS. yeah okay, i get it, grenades go BOOM but i dont like having 4/5 marines incapacitated from one goddamn grenade! make it have a smaller radius, idc if it kills less aliens but the movie didnt have everyone thrown against the walls when one grenade was shot(in fact it only killed ONE alien at a time) and my last thing to complain about, the vents. in the movie Newt knew the thing like the back of her hand. but in the game i had one instance where we sat at the third ? until everyone was dead because Newt couldnt figure it out! can we get a 90% chance for her, and maybe 30% for others? because 10% makes it impossible.

Fun as hell, but a tad unfair.

Good game, but...

Very difficult, and I very much enjoyed the movie series too.
I might just be missing something, though, but as far as I can tell there's a little problem with Operations.
If any of your soldiers are incapacitated, and the rest killed or also incapacitated, then the game continues. I think this is because it picks up on the character that is not controlled by the player, and so thinks you have not lost all of your soldiers yet.
I wouldn't mind this, but as far as I can tell there is no way to quit to menu.
Please do tell me if I'm wrong, but if not, this seems to be quite a large issue for people who may not be magnificent at this game.
I would say this game has more pro's than con's, though.