Thamesis - Episode 6

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Welcome to the city of Thamesis, capital to a kingdom divided....

Once the seat of power for an ancient, all-powerful monarchy, much of Thamesis is now run by the influential Britomart Corporation who use their seductive psychic technology to exert control.

It has become a city of torn loyalties as its inhabitants choose between life as a subject of the Crown or a Citizen of the Britomart.

Meanwhile down in the inner city streets, beyond the reach of either power, dangerous outlaws have successfully hacked Britomart's technology for their own gain, boosting its power exponentially. Some use it only to escape their daily grind while others maliciously spread terror on the streets.

As the city plunges towards civil war, can anyone bring order to the streets of Thamesis?

Episode 6:

It's time for the climax of our first six episodes inside the Great Hall of Albion. Who will turn out to be the hero...and the villain?

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I don't like how we're left hanging. From the last episode, it seemed like this would be concluded now. It was weird as watching this, I knew you couldn't just end it all here. It's nice to have this great animation as usual. It was a bit too talky.

At least it was a climax for this part of the series. Maybe I wasn't invested into the story that much. Again, it's hard to follow. The story is still great to look at. It certainly has heart.

Great series

I remember watching this series a few years ago when it came out. Fast forward almost 4 years and no new episodes have come out.

Does anybody know what's happening with the project? Has it shutdown? Is it still in production?

It'll be a shame to see such a good series unfinished. But, that being said, I'd rather have some confirmation that the series is no longer in production than be left hanging.

I hope the great work continues guys!


I assume the reat is on your site? Either way its good though I think they could be a bit longer but still good job.

Where is the city of Thamesis?

This a great series but where's the rest of it?

It looks like there's potential for some really good deep story developments not to mention ever more impressive visual set pieces, but when and where?

Come on guys (and gals? - Somehow seems unlikely) don't leave us hanging.

An Amazing Series

I watched through the all the episodes a while back, and they were amazing. I came back hoping to see more, but I guess no such luck yet. Please make more episodes for this story!

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4.24 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2007
7:15 AM EDT