Reviews for "Thamesis - Episode 6"

Awesome, as usual.

Beautiful stuff. The story is tight and well concocted, and you've got me hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I dig it...

It would be awesome if someday you'd be able to find the right voice talent to have some spoken dialogue...

a lil' bit.

Alltrough it was good, but a little too soap opera like to me, and not a front page material... sry man... but it criticism... but it is a good job.... just too soap opera like... :(


Could make a feature film or a novel with a story like that. Very good style, original. Just do what Kaotyc said add a play button or even a menu at the start.
Every ep is a gem.


I am enchanted.

Breakthrough work my friend.

Truly, I have not even seen the other five yet, so a more detailed review to come, but for now... I need not see much more before I can say that I am truly, and honestly impressed.

Entranced even.