Reviews for "Thamesis - Episode 6"

Great stuff

the storyline just keeps getting better!

by far...

the best episode of this season. i know u said there will be more, i cant wait that long for them and wanna see it asap! like the other guy.. i'm going for lion too. lets see how he deals with his new order whether he is going to fuck it up or be true.

very nice

im really starting to be dragged into the plot and story of this animated comic... ur doing an amazing job but personally im rooting for lion... even though he had a bad past he seems fit for the job of taking out the street dealers or w/e...

can't wait for the next one :), keep it up


its good but not outstanding trixiaoyu
i wonder if you find it boring to animate these good things sometimes

Its amazin

i dunno how u do it...but seriously..we all got used to animation but this is new and i luv it...great work hope to see more from ur work!!!