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NG Sketchbook Tour 07

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The concept of this project for those not familiar with last year's is that a bunch of panels are sent out by mail in April to anyone who requests one, once recieved the artist tags it up, drops in a mailbox and sends it back, at the conclusion of the project all the panels are mashed into a 'book'. Its a really ambitious kind of collaborative project that goes beyond the simple online collaboration, my vision was to break the online barriers and show off newgrounds' power beyond the internet.

76 artists later this is what you get. Really time consuming project but always well worth it.

Concept by Luis

Programming by Glaiel-Gamer

Guest voice appearance by : Blockhead aka The-Swain

Odds n ends: Mogly & Pezzo

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. Twas fun as usual. It's always a mystery wether each year itll all fail or not. Somehow it pans out and people are responsible enough to save this from being a complete money pit!

Each year I change it up a little bit, and this year the paper wasnt doodoo brown and people were allowed to collage things. I do collage stuff on my own sketchbooks so it seemed fair to allow it.

Sorry for it taking so long, I was on vacation most of the summer and it totally fucked up the days i had to sit down and sort it. Soz. Hopefully with each year it becomes a more worthwhile experience.

Final note:

Glaiel sprinkled in some 'easter eggs' throughout the experience, i dont think i found all of them yet but you'll know you found em when you hear a mario bros-like sound. Gotta catch em alllll

Clues to two Easter Eggs:

-Madness Day sucked, i blame krinkels

-Fun facts are very revealing.

Link below to last years tour:

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Wow nice

So this was pretty good it was something different and you have some good quality art styles in this a very nice piece of work here and while it's a game / movie it has some decent interactivity about it but anyways you should make more like this I enjoyed it

Make more


It was funny to hear Blockhead's voice. I just love these pictures! I appreciate all the information I learn. Then again, I can just review these pictures on the art portal. Wait, was this before the art portal? Whatever, it's still great.

I always want to learn about all the things such beloved artists have worked on. This was just very enjoyable. I thought it would just be me making art at first. I'm glad it wasn't. I'm not a great artist anyway.


but by he way europe and asia aint countries

Holy Shi-

Did anyone else see the Bizzaro Tom Art o.-


i love the Art that are in this game.