Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 07"

-_- cool

i painted super mario bros. its cool


Cool but I can't figure out how to get the secret things, but it's still awesome!!!

Pretty awesome!!!

Great collaboration you guys!!! But you remember the moto? Everything by everyone? (Why wasn't I told about this? This is bullshit... ) I would really like to be in the next one... Is there going to be a next one? Because it said it starts in April and ends in June, and it's July 9 2008... Anyways, great work! Most of the drawings and artist there are awesome!!!
(Why on gods green earth is Mraw not a part of this?)


its just alot of random drawings.... and i cant make one to submit because the draw page is so damn glitchy, and keeps trying to print, so you get a low score for that, and that mainly -.-

nice work

remembered the motto...
everthing by everyone...