Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 07"

awesome works!!!

i wish i could get into the collab thinggy thing tho......

Great work! However...

...There should be an option to turn off the Blockhead audio as well, rather than just the music. It's not horrible, but after about 10 or so pictures, his voice gets a bit annoying. Please add the option to disable Blockhead's audio as well, that would be fantastic. Besides that, fantastic work guys, I would really like to get in the next one of these, I have alot of hand-drawn work and adding to the portfolio all the time, great work guys!

:-( ..... uhhhh

there's an error in the thingamabob. When u clik on the bottom right corner, a thingy says something-something print, cancel. and uh i dont no what the hell its talking about and my printer doesnt work... so i try to press cancel but the pencil tool goes thru my drawing and the eraser erases the things in its path when i press cancel. so...do u think u can fix that? oh and i like the artwork in there especially from u and moosh. and blockhead is funny as shit!

Really good

Very good, very tiring to find all the easter eggs though. And the painter could've used more stickers. And the game you get after all the easter eggs is pretty cool.

Here are the secrets
1: When on Krinkels page, click on his name in the info box.
2: Same thing as no. 1, but on The-Swains page.
3: While on glaiel-gamers page, click on the little planet on the image.
4: Chluaids page, the fun fact says he likes to hide stuff in Biteys castle, so press on the door on the castle.
5: on Orbs page, the fun fact says he's colorblind, click on colorblind, and you get the secret as well as a negative image through the Tour.
6: While looking at the thumbnails, click on the last one and Bizarro Toms entry comes up, quite funny, and he's level 666.
7: Click on luis' icon and luis' head pops up, and he says random stuff.

Eh? You're voice made me feel sick >.<

Some of them were good but its only a 4 for this review!