Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 07"

It'll help if u told me it's on paper or computer.

I can draw, good, on paper. But I'm not as good on the computer. Please respond. Please.

Great but....

You need to fix that printer thing. When I was drawing Madness it popped up and when I click on cancel, it ruined my drawing!
Other wise it would be great.
-Your Friend Krinkelsrules

this is just to....

messed up... i dunno........ it's so "mature" (if thats what you want to call it, i don't mature as being... well.... that. but whatever.)
that it's just not fun.

Another brilliant sketchbook!

This has built on from the 2006 sketchbook in every way possible! We now have sound, extra info about each author as well as a link to their profiles on Newgrounds, AND Easter Eggs!!! I could only find 4 of the Easter Eggs, and two of those were the ones that you agve hints for.

Still, this is an awfully ambitious project to be undertaken each year, but it's great to see that it is such a success. Loved the voice-over guy saying everyones names, especially when it was something difficult to pronounce.

Hopefully there will be another sketchbook this year, as they are simply fantastic!

Where's next years?

I'd love to see another one.