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Asteroids Revenge III

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Author Comments

-Funny intro animation / story (in my biased opinion)
-Tutorial built into the game
-25 levels, final boss, followed by a free-for-all level to compete for high scores
-Compete for highest ship destroy count, fastest time or largest asteroid mass
-Powerup selection after each level, many providing lasting benefits throughout the game
-4 different endings depending on your performance
-Many different enemy types and behaviours
-Play with mouse (my favorite) or keyboard
-Custom key bindings available
-Control your ally asteroids in a unique'ish way

Many comments and ideas from version 2 have made their way into this game.

Lots of work and love... I truly hope you enjoy it!

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This was a nifty game

This was a pretty fun game there was alot of interaction with it and good control by the user, the graphics could use some work there, There needs to be more detail more enhanced graphics and some extra effects aswell, You already have some nice effects but some more wouldnt hurt either, The whole idea of the game is pretty neat with the astroids and such, so nice job there that was pretty nifty, The music was pretty good aswell fiy very well for the game so that was another plus , and the upgrades were great there, The best part of this was the concept of the whole astroids and such so nice effort there.

There needs to be more detail more enhanced graphics and some extra effects aswell

I really liked this because it was cool to reverse the situation. It even completely reversed it. Normally, there are numerous asteroids and only one ship, but here it's the opposite. I loved how the ships turned red when they were ready to fire again. I'm surprised at how good I am at this game, as I've managed to play it without even getting hit once! The graphics are not that well detailed, but they don't need to be. The music is pretty nice too.

I appreciate you looking for something original to make and this suited it. It is so satisfying to blow up the ships so easily. It's pretty well detailed, I had no idea you could make upgrades for a giant asteroid! I guess this truly is their revenge. Everything was also presented in a nice, organized manner.


The game is, superb. It has an extremely innovative idea, having to be the asteroid that we fought all this time. Rocks have feelings--gets me all the time. The graphics, animations, and gameplay are extremely well planned and is very iconic. The upgrades are also well plotted, and provides the player various strategies to go through levels as it gets harder as they progress. The game is very interesting, and there would always be creative plots on levels whenever you think the game had ran out of ideas. There's enough variety in this game.

It is flawless. You know more as you go through and it somehow keeps you interested throughout the game. It just lags sometimes, but that's pretty much it. I expect a longer flash though, but the concept exceeds it. A big verdict of 8/10, well deserved.

n ice

nice game if u are having some troulkble ( i bet a lot arent ) ur allys can be useful for transpernt ships they WILL get hurt but it doesnt take down ur own health PM me if that helped


I just loved it, used to play it when I was younger

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2007
4:15 PM EDT