Reviews for "Asteroids Revenge III"


i think i woulda liked it but theres no ships...!
they not there...


7 for game and 3 for film



the ability to make the mouse do everything in the game is awesome.
I like not having to use the keyboard.

WOW that was COOL

pretty cool game, great idea. i remember when the first asteroids game came out,( yeah, i'm old) and it was the shiznit. This was way more fun...........

fun but cant beat boss

its fun but i cant beat the big carrier at the end. My allies were destroyed almost instantly in a haze of laser fire and mines, and me not long after. I choose 'continue' and I restart that level- without any of the powerups or allies I had accumulated throughout the gamer. Very annoying. I suggest you make it so when you press continue you restart the level, but with the powereups and allies you already had. Otherwise, generally good game.