Reviews for "Asteroids Revenge III"


Last level got boring, managed to get to 6.6k on the first shot, but rest of the game was brilliant and I look forward to seeing another.

(By the way, on the survival part, just keep circling the outside and let your allies float around, itll take a long time to die.)

There needs to be a IV

Awesome but short, need another game . Perhaps the next should have a survival mode. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next in the series.


the most exstreme game ever!

good game

pretty good i like this game it works good but tips should be over earlyer


Love this game
great fun :P

couple of ideas for improvement :
-Save function b4 last level(always seem to end up with 5000+ ships, but never 6000+, and it sucks playing the whole thing again)
-When ure asteroid gets hit, chunks get blasted off n become allies