Sprite Tutorial V 2.0

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Well i had a sprite tutorial but it was horrible so i decided to make v 2.0 theres so many new features i just decided to make another movie entry. So This is ALOT of add ons to the first and horrible tutorial also i am going to make a buttons and sound guide so be looking for that Thanks for the vexeta song

Version 2.0 Features
+ Minimized size by ALOT
+Just fixed the song overlap problem
+ Fixed The preloader
+Corrected All Grammar Problems.
+Made a menu.
+Added sound off button.
+Added a back button.
+added creator bios
+lowerd the size (the size is bigger because all the improvements)

Hopefully this one does better than the other one =D.

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just ... okay

if this is version 2, i would of hated to see version 1. this is poorly put together but at least it teaches, and i guess thats all that matters. well done.

Its pretty much..

This, when you really compare the two and really look closeley this and the last one are pretty much identical. Sure you added a few buttons, and lowered the size (which should have been done in the first one..) and added a few minor things, but you still didint fix grammer problems like "U" and "Libary" which still make you look like some 3rd grade weirdo who thinks he can teach someone when he knows nothing. In my opinon you should start over from scratch. Bad tutorial.


Personally, I don't use sprites. But it was usefull and got the point across. Better use of text/background colour co-ordination in this one :P

Good enough but...

I thought it was kind of short, don't you agree? Like Joshy676 said, you are breaking the sprites apart correctly.

crazygamer008 responds:

i think u mean incorrectly but htanks for the review

Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
6:50 PM EDT
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