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Gone Like The Clappers

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After Ongaku I decided to whip up a last minute innovation fest with my good pal JJ...
I suppose you're all tired of the many last minute AG rockout contest submissions, BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT! In this game you use a microphone to literally clap along to the music. Only one level, as they are so hard to implement, but if this does well, we will release a version with multiple tracks!
Don't have a microphone? Don't worry! You can still play this game, although a mic is highly recommended for MAXIMUM fun.

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Another great Rock Out entry! The colorful interface is pretty neat, though I don't really like the embossed effect on the boxes, looks a bit fake somehow with the glow. As for the game, it's a pretty unique idea; plenty of fun. I like the fact it takes into use any hardware you have, must be the first game I've played that had microphone support too. Nice work!


this suckz

i h8ted it.it wouldnt let me play cuz i have a "loud" mic" make one with a better system next time, let people play even though the sound might make their score worse, make more rythems. and the people who dont like my review. dont be mean to me cuz i have an honest opinion

very nintendo-like

excellent use of the microphone, unlike the games commonly seen on here on newgrounds


Nice and original concept. Verry easy and addictive to play, but it would be perfect if you'd add spme new songs and extras like difficulty settings ecc. Maybe in GLTC2?


This rythm game pwnz all other rythm games

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3.82 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
7:13 PM EDT