Reviews for "Gone Like The Clappers"

good one

that was a very nice game. this one here had a pretty nice and original idea behind it, good graphics and gameplay, the audio from the audio portal was nice too... not the best compared to Ongaku, but it did suit this one, and this one here served as a pretty good and effective time killer... definitely something to play when you are bored.

Fantastic Idea

What a fantastic idea you have going here. I would definatley like to see more. Just a few suggestions: maybe instead of one long level, have more than one smaller level. For each different level you could have a different song to clap along to. Maybe you could even do something like rubbing your hands together to mix it up.

i wish i had a microphone...

i had to use space bar mode, but i fived this anyway due to its innovation. i have never seen the mic used in a flash game before.


great game!
i loved the phone ideia
the best option is use a phone because that game sounds easy with the spacebar!

My hands hurt!

For being just a one level game, it certainly was fun! I gave it a 10 for violence because I was clapping hard. I'd suggest developing this more - maybe give the option of an "instrument" (like a cowbell or tamborine). Also, it's a tad hard when you're doing the repeat because there's now beat to keep up with if you miss a clap.