Reviews for "Gone Like The Clappers"


Nice concept, and I really like the use of the microphone. I think it would be cool if a user could make his/her own levels. Can't wait until the next one!

nicely done

Nice work.
Allthough I cant help wanting to hit the keys as well as clapping like in Donkey Konga

Simple Clean Fun

Did expect more from you EXP, but otherwise the game is original enough to interest me....not fun enough to get me hooked. Simple graphix, great gameplay ( i wish i had a mic tho ), and interesting concept. Nicer visuals would be an improvement, but otherwise it was ismple enough to pick up and play.

GL to you,

The-EXP responds:

Damnit Niato, you needed a mic for it to be MAXIMUM fun. Anyway, i reckon it turned out ok for 3 days work :p, oh, and something else, but i'll PM you about that...

Wish I had a mic

I think it would be a lot more fun to clap to the beat than press the spacebar.


niiiiiiiiiiiiicee dude u rite this isnt like the other music contest ppl with this game. this was really fun, and i didnt even have a microphone. im the third player of this game im in the highscores. look for b-rad 6600 somethin. :)