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The Fear Hole - Episode 5

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This is a (too much?) faster paced episode than the previous, and the first one that doesn't focus on a monstrous guest from the fear dimension. I know it's a bit early for the series but you may notice some major character redraws. They're not quite set in stone, and there are still some things I need to change (weaponry's chest is too big, Webster's head is too oblong) but I'm the only one who cares about these things anyhow.

Episode six, I hate to say, will be a long time coming. It's partially set to be a Halloween special, but if I give it the epic scope I'm planning it may not even be finished until well after October.

On the upside, I'm branching out and working on some stupid shorts that have nothing to do with the Fear Hole, each other, or anything else for that matter.

Finally, due to semipopular demand (okay, friends and family) I'm going to try to get some Fear Hole t-shirt designs together. You can already see some at a link on my website, bogleech.

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i want a turky tree.also automated rape machine?wtf lol

I love this show

Dan reminds me of Fry from Future-oma


ICECREAM!!! Everyone knows that deep dish pizza is way better than ice cream. That was totally rediculus. I can't believe that damned corctopus wanted ICE CREAM!!! I thought he was cooler than that. I guess I was wrong. oh wells great vid.


how has no one come up with the croctapus? So totally simpla nd it makes sense! Damn monster man! DAMN YOU!

This series is amazing!

Great episode, just like the rest! For some reason, the part that made me crack up the most was the laughing at the very end. Haha, keep it up!!