Reviews for "The Fear Hole - Episode 5"


plz tell me Dan didn't get eaten by that croc. overall a killer flash, just like the old ones

Scythemantis responds:

They'll all be fine by the next episode, but were probably mangled at least to near-death for a while.

do not change a thing! perfect 10

"...how lucky your brain must feel!" Viva le fear hole! More!

it was too fast, you ask?

if by fast you mean perfectly timed, then my reply shall invariably be "Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! There is no flash series I would rather watch more!". And I shall scream this through the halls of eternity until my voice is sore and the god of whatever the hell is served at truck stops comes down from the heavens to see what is the matter. And to him I will say, with my shattered and bleeding voicebox "new Fear Hole.", and he'll say "sweet.", and we'll sit down with a nice, cold glass of awesome (they serve it in a glass in the halls of eternity) and watch it. And lo, it shall be enjoyed by all the children of Earth more than both Chanukah and Passover combined.

This show is getting alot more twisted than ever!

Brilliant work on this show! I absolutely enjoy this one alright. Especially w/ some new character concepts and redesigning on the cast members. I like how you create the Croctopus and the dimensional creature that Dan was talking to, they very original. Although, I barely notice some of the changes but hey, they still look excellent by my point of view. Can't believe the 6th episode won't be due for long time. But still, I'll wait for it.

Keep up the good work!

the croctopus!!!!!!!!!

very funny
nice animation
it was really smooth
can't wait until episode 6