Reviews for "The Fear Hole - Episode 5"


plz tell me Dan didn't get eaten by that croc. overall a killer flash, just like the old ones

Scythemantis responds:

They'll all be fine by the next episode, but were probably mangled at least to near-death for a while.


great, i nearly peed myself laughing!


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the part wen the thing was "like ive got you now" 2 the overlord and the overlord vaporizing the thing was rly funny

(this is my 2nd comment so its rly bad)


I like how every time they were explaining themselves, Dan would just freak out and dissapear before they could finish, The Croctopus was pretty cool too, not to mention the awesome grotesquetry of the turkey tree.

Scythemantis responds:

lol thanks, once I came up with the turkey tree I kept thinking of ways to make it even weirder :D