The Fear Hole: Pilot

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"The Fear Hole" is a comedy horror series starring three freakish scientists, their janitor, and the horrible creatures that emerge from their dimensional vortex.

This pilot episode is the first cartoon I ever created, so try to go easy on the ugly animation, poor sound quality and derivative script :)


Not bad for a first try.

This was definitely not bad. I did not understood how the hole got there in the first place... was there an explosion? I dont know. Quite funny though.

Scythemantis responds:

The Fear Hole was just "somehow" created as a side-effect when they created a toaster that is also a turtle. It's not supposed to make any sense :)


It was okay, but the great jokes were ruined by the horrid timing, and the overall bad voice-overers. My advice to you is that you tell your voice-actors to get a better microphone. It goes a long way.

Scythemantis responds:

I did every voice myself when I was just learning flash and used the microphone on a set of headphones. Ugh :(

I'm eventually going to re-dub this entire cartoon, when I'm less busy working on whole new ones.

I thought the opening theme would be the only part. I'm glad there was more. I really do like that creeping colon idea. Still, this could have been better. It was at least mostly good. I liked the animation.

The creeping colon really sold it for me. I just loved his jokes. The length was fairly good too. It's still not a series I would regularly watch. It's just acceptable.


im gona give u a 8 for the animation skills and the story...

wow i got bored and closed it less than half way ;__;


I like it, but work could be done on the graphics...

other than that, Great!

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3.83 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original