Reviews for "The Fear Hole: Pilot"




the only part i laughed at was the "american monsters" part.. well just when the mummy went by..

very good for your first time!

i thought it was hilarious! and the animation was very well made. very origional jokes. i especially loved the part about him getting his neopets account suspended! lol

ps. a little creative critisising. the jokes could use a little better timing, and i think you should save up and buy a new mic, every little bit helps.


It was okay, but the great jokes were ruined by the horrid timing, and the overall bad voice-overers. My advice to you is that you tell your voice-actors to get a better microphone. It goes a long way.

Scythemantis responds:

I did every voice myself when I was just learning flash and used the microphone on a set of headphones. Ugh :(

I'm eventually going to re-dub this entire cartoon, when I'm less busy working on whole new ones.

Fairly shit, but it deserves a good review

This pilot was hilarous, i really think so. I know it was just made in a few seconds or so. But it was still hilarous, any dick can say this is 'The worse crap they have ever seen' but i like it, good job.