Reviews for "The Fear Hole: Pilot"


I know....the tarp always fails me too.LOL.5/5!!!

its as good as the other videos

all your videos i seen have been great. good voices, graphics and story line. great movie.
Grade= A+


I don't think 4,096 characters will be enough for my lengthy, unforgiving review...so I'll just settle with this:

Nice artwork.


A smile from ear to ear.

Simply put, you made my day with this flash, I couldn't see anything I would have asked for differently. If this is meant to be a series, I eagerly await the next installment. If not, I'll still happily await your next entry.

Excellent job, keep up the good work!

Made me smirk!

This is your firsst cartoon? I'm impressed! Was pretty amusing and kept me watching to the end, which is saying something for its length. I look forward to future installments!