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Akira the Don - Hypocrite

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Thanks so much for the Daily Feature, Weekly, Review Crew and Front Page! This means a lot to me, guys! <3
The single is now available from iTunes and Playlouder. Click the audio link over there for links.

Akira the Don: Hypocrite is the brand new animated flash from me and Captain Wonchop The Monkey King. Zef ain't dead, he just went to college.
So it goes. Don't take drugs, fight policemen, and buy my album.

Wonchop: Erm yeah, what he said. We've spent about a month on this, battling against evil broadband providers and stupid computers, and now it be done. :3
Special thanks goes to MrSimon for providing me with sexy subtitles.

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Coming back to this song, is pretty fucking addicting, man. Idk why, but everything about it, just appeals me. Even if I haven't understand the lyrics when I first heard it, but now? It's just perfect. I might be the only one coming back to this song, but I might not, who knows?

Great song. Who ever can sing this song without failing will win a free interwebs.

everything is great except for the volume you can barely understand anything

akira i want to lick ur sexy pierre mustache

k-k-k-k government? XD cant understand any thing in it except ciggarete in it americas fat so yep