Reviews for "Akira the Don - Hypocrite"


Wow great animation, great song, great flash


Wonchop responds:


Absolutely wonderful!

I was such a huge fan of your other songs, ATD, and this one doesn't disappoint. Your way with words knows no bounds, and I love your work, even though I find rap particularly annoying. In a sense, you're the sole exception to my undying hatred for the style. ^^;

And of course I've been a large fan of yours for some time, too, Wonchop. This must be one of your greatest animations to date, and I feel no shame in saying that I've watched this gorgeous animation at least six-seven times already.

Fellas, you've brought into existence a magnificent animation, complete with two highly addictive songs (including the Clones/SMB2 mix that I can't seem to get out of my head). I'd be delighted to see another project from the two of you in the future, and you've outdone yourselves this time around!

Kudos to the both of you on a job well done. ^^

(BTW, if either of you replies to this comment, I'd be immensely appreciative. It's not necessary, though...)

Wonchop responds:

heh we'll see


Nicely done, man. The rap was catchy and the animation was equally amazing.

You and Akira plan to do another one?

Also, do you have a full version of your mix at the end? I'd like to give it a listen.


Wonchop responds:

While I'm not sure about another video as of yet, we are working together on other stuff.
As for the mix, we'll see.

sounds extraordinary

Really unbelievable music. Should be a chart-topping hit. Thanks for putting up links to it... lyrics too?

Much Like The Last Reviewer Said

In general I hate rap quite a bit. But your work just seems to really stand from the rest of shitty rap industry. Your white and can rap(How did that happen?), you can crank out some great musical arrangements, and pairing up with Wonchop for the animation on this was a great choice!

Hope too see much more of your videos on Newgrounds!