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Reviews for "Akira the Don - Hypocrite"


Awesome art! really good transitions. The words are hard to understand but that adds to the effect! overall greatness!

Still as good

the music is so awesome it will never get boring

Still as amazing as the 1st day I saw LTF....

Dued I want your songs on CD. Im American and I like to say it blows here as much as it does there except im pretty sure your "Leader/er's" didnt blow up 3 buildings full of ppl so they cud find a way to steal oil from another country....... MAN THIS GOVERNMENT SUCKS!!!!!!!.

Keep it real Don, you and your homies.


no regrets

ok usialy im making fun of somthing but this spoke to me
nice you captured my british
ps. im german black white salalien and more so
pss. if i run for president ill be the best fuking prez ever
my slogan is ******* *** ***** **** *** ****** **** *****
pss. fightinng is fun drugs you got to try 1ns try harowin it gives only a 2 min high lol srry this is my white side
any way back to the point
i can say this is .....
perfict in my hart it reminds me of my self exept for im more demented
like i sed perfict i cant stop thinking bout it
yes humanity can stack a dry question in my sanity
if im prez i wont hide any lies form my biches i mean peeps
joking but fuck with me and you can have some of my led lickerish
gald to know im not the oly hypocrite right in the thick of it
and never blame the drink
c ya in the rap barel

Good overall...

But I couldn't figure out what the hell he was saying.