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Reviews for "Akira the Don - Hypocrite"

I applaud you good sir.

You are possibly the last thing standing between what is now known as "Rap" and the abyss that so many other genres have fallen into. Grudge comes to mind.


Crazeh !! :D nicely made awsum song too :D

P.S Anyone know where to download the song?

well then.

I watched this ages ago and a bunch of times since then. I adore the animation and the music, though some parts are a bit hard to hear. I've listened to this who knows how many times and for the most part it is understandable. The subtitles help at certain parts. Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is pretty awesome.


i like the end of the game, with teh mario song, its funny ^.^... he has cancer :P

lol i googled the dude

i played this song a thousand times when i cleaned my room and i found the rest of this dudes work.