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NG: Food Chain

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A new Art Forum Collab brings you over 75 hungry creations. Forget Pokémon.

A fast paced collab that I hope you enjoy. A huge thanks to all the artists who took part! All entrees (that followed the rules) included, and we had a lot of fun!

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I always love weird art like that.


i dunno i just didn't like it. the music didn't help either. i guess it.. well was random and had no purpose/plot.


A great idea with perfect execution. I drew a picture too and it didn't get included. I ain't mad though, I was 12 back then lol.


Yeah, too bad my Oddworld game doesn't work anymore :\
I loved Oddworld.
Nice food chain though, could have had TomFulp at the top :D


what the hell did i just watch?????