Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"


really cool work on this food chain

I can't believe you guys submitted my entry!

I just came back after a long period of being away and I found this. I almost forgot that I ever drew something and submitted it. Imagine my shock when I realized that you actually put it in the collab!
I'm so embarrassed. I would have done a much better job if I had known this collab was going to gain popularity. Reading through other people's comments when it was mentioned that there were some "bad" entries, I just turn away and cringe.
Well, the past is the past and I can't take my entry back. I still gave it a 10 for all the hard work that went into this (all the hard work by other people...not me!).
I've learned my lesson! :)


enjoyed this piece (hey!! i have said this before!!). the big fish eat the little fish. but there is always a bigger fish to eat the big fish. what a vicious cycle it is. that is why the discovery channel is so entertaining!! yom yom yom...keep chomping

Nice work.

When it came down to it this submission was well made, and the work put into it was well worth it too. The graphics were although, with widespread skill, certinley well made. It was cool to see, and the idea itself was well done and well thought up. The music was also cool to listen while watching it. Nice job.


the blodey herbie wase the funnieest