Reviews for "NG: Food Chain"


Not original, but still great. My only suggestion would be to maybe make everybody use Flash vectors, that way the stuff wouldn't pixelize when coming into the screen, and look all crappy when getting smaller.


Everyone did an awesome job. Wicked artwork, very creative also. The way it was animated is what threw it all together. The music fitted it perfectly. The ending was an awesome suprise! Excellent!

That was freaky...

Whoa! That was so freaky. But I still thought that it was amazing. MORE THAN 20 ARTISTS (PROBABLY A LOT MORE) MADE THAT!? WHOA! That art was amazing! I liked the music too. I'd hate to be anywhere on that food chain (x_x).


Cool and just plain out of this world. The artwork is really cool and I liked the music.

Cool! But how...

you get the preloader?
Can I get it?

squeakytoad responds:

I took two NG preloaders and customized them to my liking.